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The Creating of a Dream

Open December 1st!

Posted November 17th 2023

The day has finally arrived!  We are open to the public come December 1st 2023.  


We had a soft open event on November 10th that turned out wonderful.  It was a Build a Holiday Wreath Workshop.  The class sold out quickly and everyone left with either a beautiful Thanksgiving or Christmas wreath, a belly full of food and wine, and a heart filled with laughter and memories.  As we walked around filling each glass, we asked how they liked the venue.  Everyone was so gracious and said they loved it.  One lady mentioned that she was recently married and wish we were open for their big day.  Another asked if we hosted more than weddings, like a family reunion, for example.  We sure do! Those words blessed us and we are so excited to share our labor of love with y'all.  

The exterior is a beautiful light monitor pole barn with dark stained wood doors and accents of black fixtures.  The patio is well lit and equipped with fans for those hot summer days.  Moving inside, we continued the light spacious theme with wood accents and black fixtures.  This space is climate controlled for your convenience, so feel free to book your event anytime of the year.  The foyer is where you will find the bar and a great space for guests to mingle.  As we enter winter, we are limited on what we can plant outside, so we are waiting for spring to work on the landscaping and grass to a more grand scale.  

The bridal suite is large and ready for your big day.  You have three studio lit vanities for you and your bridal party, along with a sitting area to relax before you say "I do".  In addition, the groom's lounge is a cozy space for the men to get ready and kick up their feet just before that big stroll down the aisle.

The DJ area has a dedicated outlet for their setup.  If you choose not to have a DJ, we do provide a sound system for nuptials and reception.   We also offer tables and chairs, white round table linens and black buffet linens. 

All this overlooks the pasture with snuggly New Zealand Kunekunes and playful Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Yes, we chose non smelly livestock on purpose.  You're welcome!  They are all very sweet and docile with amazing personalities.  

The point really is... you need to book a tour to truly appreciate this special space.  There is so much more to see than what the pictures below provide.

Say Grace Farms, where we put God first!

Barn 1 2023_edited.jpg
Barn 4 2023.jpg
Barn 3 2023.jpg
Barn 5 2023.jpg
Groom Lounge 4.jpg
Barn 6 2023.jpg
Bridal Suite 2.jpg

We Have Doors!

Posted June 7th 2023

This is our first build from the ground up and, boy, there are a lot of missed target opening dates.  First it was October 2022, then it was Spring 2023... Now we are looking at Summer 2023.  Waiting is the worst for someone as impatient as I am.  This why I choose to paint with acrylics instead of oils.  All you artists know what I'm talking about.  One thing is for sure, however...  We are still closer to opening than we were before.  Yet, I still hate to wait!  I should actually cherish this time because I know I will soon be very busy with little time off.  Okay, Lord, I will be more thankful.

With all that said, we are happy to announce that we now have doors!  These doors may seem like only doors to most, except these doors have been custom made by a dear friend and previous neighbor.  We are so grateful to have such talented and crafty friends.  I will gladly refer him to you for any wood project you have!  

We have also completed the insulation inside.  With these hot days approaching, you can feel the 15 to 20 degree difference when you walk in.  Now image how cool and refreshing it will feel when you and your guests walk in for a fun day of celebration.  I am so glad I was convinced to add climate control, too.  We also have a good friend to refer for all your heating and cooling needs.  Just reach out to us!

Next, the electrician will be out to finalize all the loose ends... no pun intended.  Or was there?  Then, the walls and all the other finishing touches will be added.  I made a relaxing, but very sweaty trip, to Canton's First Monday, on a very hot day.  I found some awesome items to add to the barn that I hope you'll love, as well.  I can't wait to explore more market finds soon.  Send me suggestions!  I cannot wait to have all the stained wood shutters added to the exterior windows.  That will give some amazing character to this monitor style barn.

I look forward to updating y'all again soon!

Barn July 2023 1.jpg
June 2023 - Barn

Closer to the Finish

Posted February 1st 2023

This has definitely been a slow process, however, each step has been rewarding.  We are anxiously wanting it to be completed and move in.  Its like waiting nine months to have a baby and that last month you're ready to hold your child.  Okay, so it may not be exactly like that, but you get the idea, right?

Each time I walk through the doors I can imagine so vividly where everything will go.  


First the entry, I see the cantina stand.  A mini bar of sorts, elegantly snuggled to the right.  The coat rack just under the stairwell as guests enter. And the picture perfect wall with a background that will be ideal for that post worthy selfie.  Maybe even Pinterest quality.  To the left of the entry, his and her bathrooms with a halo led lit mirror.  Ladies, it's perfect lighting, I know!  


Just past that, the bachelor cave as handsomely decorated as the groom.  I can see it now, the men playing a game of ring-toss with a glass of fine whiskey in the other hand. 


Nestled upstairs is the cozy and elegant bridal lounge.  One side dedicated for the hair, makeup, and dressing station and the other side for relaxing with a glass of champagne.  I can see beautiful photo op areas by the large window, a silhouette, maybe?  Or how about you in your beautiful gown flowing over the chaise while your favorite ladies surround you? 

Lastly, the main hall decorated for a wedding of your dreams.  Rows of chairs to seat at least 150 guests decorated with fresh flowers.  Or a reception with round tables and a dance floor while the DJ station is in the back corner all hooked up and ready to announce your grand entrance as husband and wife.  All the while, cool air blowing in the summer and heat pumping through during the winter keeping your guest comfortable and your grand wedding cake from melting.

What's that?  You see it too?  I knew you would.  

Barn Interior
Barn Ice

Under Construction!

Posted November 7th 2022

The time has finally come... construction is underway!  Didn't this part take forever, or was it just me?  With the uncertain lumber and building market, delays were unavoidable.  However, we are clear of that now and we are looking to open Spring of 2023.  We hope to open sooner, God willing.  

As you can see from the image below, the foundation is set and the framing is up.  The builders have been working many hours a day.  I sneak in there with doughnuts when I can.  It feels good to be appreciated.  

Prior to the framing going up, it is funny to see only the foundation on the ground and think "Man, this place looks too small".  That opinion quickly changed when the 20 foot center beams were lifted!  Now image the center pitch being 24 feet total!  I'm a visionary so it is easy to see the full picture.  Marc, on the other hand, needs the vision to be fully drawn out.  That is what makes us a great working pair.

We attended our first marketing event, Dallas Wedding Expo at the Irving Convention Center on November 6th.  The amount of interest we generated had us humbled.  So many people were just as excited as us for Say Grace Farms and Venue to open.  Our hearts were filled.  We even had the amazing suggestion to have our new donkey, Piper, be the "Sweet Ass Server".  Carrying a pouch with drinks.  I will definitely be considering this.  She is quite the sweetheart so it might actually work!

In the meantime, continue to pray for us as we complete this project of service.  We are looking forward to touching lives in a way that reflects Christ!

Barn Framing

Breaking Ground

Posted July 12th 2022

July 1st 2022 was a wonderful day to celebrate.  Friends and family gathered to the property site to join Marc and I.  With our shovel in tow, and as we stood where the front entry to the venue will be, we each placed a foot on the shovel.  We counted to 3 and drove the shovel into the land.  We have waited almost a year to begin this project.  The day was finally here!  After we said a few words, we all then regrouped back at our home to fellowship and eat.  It was an amazing group of people to be with.  

For the past 10 months we spoke about how we envisioned the use of this land.  Where the barn would sit, where the entry would be, and where the pond would reside.  I continue to work behind the scenes designing the barn layout, drafting venue agreements, creating brochures, etc, however, the most fun is shopping for the venue.  I am sure anyone would agree with me on that one.

On July 2nd, the day after the celebration, the excavator arrived and began working.  It is amazing to visually see where the barn will be.  The vision is becoming more clear everyday and the excitement in uncontainable!  

Property Search

Posted June 27th 2022

It was late summer in 2021, Marc and I were driving home.  We were listening to the radio, one of those boring talk stations, in fact.  Actually, I remember the subject being quite interesting, so interesting that we decided to pass our neighborhood and keep driving just so we could continue listening to the speaker.  To this day I could not tell what he said, but I am glad we stayed on the road.

Now, we had just moved to Royse City in March 2021 and we never found a reason to continue driving past our neighborhood turn off.  In addition, we began looking for property to build on.  Up until that late summer day, we never found the property perfect for us.  What an amazing surprise we found just waiting for us only one mile down the road from our current home.  

As we  continued listening to the radio and feeling inspired by the subject, we turned a corner and the road was tunneled by trees that arched over the street.  The sunlight broke through the leaves and beautiful rays of sunlight was peaking through.  It was truly picturesque.  As we continued driving we noticed signs saying "Land for sale by owner".  My husband and I looked at each other with mirrored hope in our eyes.  Did we just find what we had been searching for?  And was it just a mile down the road from us this whole time?  All that driving, all that searching, and it was right here all along.  I am sure there is a powerful message in that.  Much like the one that was on the radio that day that had us captivated enough to want to drive past home just to keep listening.

We quickly placed the offer and here we are today.  We are building our dream to share with others.  A place for you to also build your dream wedding or event.  

July 2, 2022 we are scheduled to break ground to build the white barn venue.  A spacious monitor style board and batten wood structure and siding barn with climate control for those hot summers and cold winters.  We will continue to update the progress as we near our opening date.  We are aiming to open our doors this fall with a grand opening banquet to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone that has prayed and encouraged us in this endeavor.  We truly appreciate every one of you and look forward to an amazing journey.


Melody Dodd

Rusty Tractor
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