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Your Special Event Experts

At Say Grace Farms, we’ll make sure the vision for your special event becomes a reality and goes off without a hitch. Our Wedding & Event Venue will offer everything you need to create the stunning occasion you and your guests will always remember.

In a time where weddings can drain a large savings account, our dream is to create a place that is elegant and affordable.

Personally, I have heard multiple couples tell me about their dream wedding, however, because of the extreme markup in cost to everything relating to a wedding, they had to forfeit that dream.  They had to cut the guest list down tremendously, leaving valued friendships out of their day that is to be filled with memories while surrounded by everyone they love.  They had chose a venue that was much smaller or a venue that was nothing like they had imagined it to be.

Wedding planning is a very stressful time and we understand.  Our desire is to be affordable so you can still have your dream wedding or event with all the class and style you dreamt about.

We looking forward to hosting your next event.

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